Review by Niki H.
China, on Mar 5, 2022
Review by TOU P.
Australia, on Mar 4, 2022
Review by Alexandra C.
Canada, on Feb 17, 2022

She's so wonderful!!

Review by Adrian H.
United Kingdom, on Dec 18, 2021

Minnie Mouse is perfect in every way....I love the blushing to her face and her clothing is beautiful. Minnie is incredibly well made and she is accompanied by the most wonderful little chair, Christmas tree and stocking. Thank you Ludmila.

Review by Adrian H.
United Kingdom, on Dec 18, 2021

Mr Hedgehog is super cute and he has the most wonderful accessory........his own little house! Ludmila has created a wonderful Christmas scene with every attention to detail covered perfectly. Thank you Ludmila

Review by Caroline L.
Canada, on Dec 5, 2021

Tako and Mina arrived home safely. They were beautifully made and carefully packed. Love these 2 little cuties ❤❤❤. Thanks Ludmila

Review by Adrian H.
United Kingdom, on Nov 18, 2021

Bear Michelle is gorgeous, she will be one of my most treasured teddies. She arrived safely in lovely packaging.

Thank you to Ludmila for such wonderful creations.

Review by Miyuki G.
United States, on Sep 15, 2021
Review by Alexandra C.
Canada, on Sep 10, 2021

What a handsome little fellow! Beautifully crafted bunny!

Review by LORA B.
United States, on Aug 21, 2021

Absolutely best pattern and the description! Very nice drawings and tutorials. Ludmila provided the list of materials, suppliers, social medias and International Trades to sell bears.
Strongly recommended!
Thank you, Ludmila!

Review by Jiseon A.
South Korea, on Aug 5, 2021

I made my first mohair bear with this wonderful pattern! The guide is so kind. thanks so much!

Review by Alexandra C.
Canada, on Jul 1, 2021

Agata is absolutely wonderful! Impeccably made!

Thank you!
Ludmila Plotnitskaya