Review by Nichole E.
United States, on Jan 25, 2021
Review by Sia K.
Singapore, on Jan 13, 2021

Amazing pattern filled with beautiful pictures and lots of instructions to help! Thank you! Will send you a picture of completed bear. ????

Review by Phillippa E.
New Zealand, on Dec 21, 2020

Thanks look forward to making is bear

Review by Dana R.
United States, on Dec 15, 2020

Thank you so much for this beautiful pattern so well done Beautiful illustrations for me super easy to follow ?❤️

Review by Obie B.
Australia, on Nov 24, 2020

A truly gorgeous bear beautifully crafted by a wonderful artist

Review by Obie B.
Australia, on Jun 25, 2020

Suberbly crafted just wonderful

Review by TOU P.
Macao, on May 11, 2020

At the beginning, I want to buy a pair, but another one has been sold already. The artist send this bunny very immediately, but she didn’t write down my name. The bunny would be sent back to Russia. I went to the post office to ask. How lucky I can bring him back home. Beautifully crafted bunny. Thanks you can create him.

Review by Theresa M.
United States, on Feb 24, 2020

This is the sweetest hedgehog ever and he’s made beautifully! Thank you!

Review by Obie B.
Australia, on Nov 10, 2019

Absolutely exquisite beautifully crafted wonderful bear

Review by Olesya C.
United States, on Oct 21, 2019

Ludmila is a very talented artist, her work is amazing! The quality and details just incredible. Thank you Ludmila!

Review by Alice T.
United States, on Oct 17, 2019
Review by David P.
United Kingdom, on Oct 10, 2019

A wonderful well made bear the clothes were beautiful
A lovely bear

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